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If anyone's interested, I created an RSS feed for ArtDungeon updates: [syndicated profile] artdungeon_feed. (There is one on LiveJournal too, art_seviet.)
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Because HOT is LAME and thus it follows logically that the new LAME would be HOT. An example:

This song is totally HOT.

Meaning, the song is really not very good at all.

This new usage of the word HOT is to be implemented all across the world from this moment on. So say we all says [ profile] snoopypez.
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Assignment: Choose an interactive system in which there is a high likelihood of problems occuring. Come up with a few tasks and let a test person perform them. Monitor their struggles. Write an evaluation.

Our choice of system? The school's web-based student admin system.

Which SUCKS. Our poor test person won't know what hit them.
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Good god, I just had a teacher look over my shoulder and it was like being punched in the nose. Or stomach. Whichever. I couldn't BREATHE.
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I just can't let this go, can I?

I saw Oasis the other day... )
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I, Moa, have managed to write a program that does nothing whatsoever except write out a series of (sort of) elaborate patterns.

I just had to post about it. I'm so very accomplished, me.

Flash CS3

Jan. 12th, 2009 03:09 pm
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Is there ANYONE on my f-list who knows Flash and could maybe explain a thing or two to me? I'm totally lost and have a deadline on Friday. :(
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Kitty kitty kitty! With family. )

Couldn't HELP myself. :D

Back to studying...

ETA: Oh, and regarding the name, I might just have to put all suggestions in a bowl and have someone draw one. I can't chooooose.
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Cut for picture )

I have wanted a cat for years, but circumstances and my own indecisiveness have prevented it. Well, no longer. I'm picking her up on Valentine's day. :D

Currently nameless. Her mum's name is Lingon (lingonberry), and I'm leaning towards Smultron (wild strawberry), Hallon (raspberry) or possibly Ginny. Thoughts and opinions?

Going to watch the last ever episode of Stargate Atlantis now. I should be sad, but (1) cat! and (2) this season has sucked.
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Icons Meme )

Two posts in three days! You can tell I'm trying to avoid my schoolwork.
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Despite my best efforts, I have completely turned my day around and keep waking up at 2 pm no matter what I do or how many alarms I set. Yesterday, I just had to get up early, which I managed despite only having slept for three hours, so I thought - yay! If I stay awake until bedtime, I'll have restored my sleeping habits to normal!


I woke up at 3 am and now I can't go back to sleep. WHAT THE HELL?!

(See? Frustration - and lack of other things to do - even brought me to the LJ update window.)
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May 2009 be a better year than 2008. Pretty please?
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This? Is freaking AWESOME!


Nov. 11th, 2008 12:38 pm
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I've been studying (or rather, fretting over the fact that I was NOT studying...) for an exam this past weekend, and today I took it. And it went ok. And I'm so relieved.

Evidently I'm so relieved that I just HAD to post about it.

RELIEEEEEF. Good feeling.
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Go Obama!

From Dagens Nyheter, one of the largest (if not the largest) newspapers in Sweden.
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"Harry, A History" is waiting for me at my post office, says a text message I just recieved. Thanks to [ profile] mrs_bombadil for inadvertently reminding me to order it.

(There is a gazillion course books in the same delivery, but who cares about them, right?)
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Hello, long time no see, yadda yadda. Still alive, yay?

Posting this for posterity: Go Fug Yourself's opinion about the Twilight movie poster.

I seriously cannot stop laughing. ajlsfhjfs
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Anyone familiar with WordPress, specifically theme design tweaks and even more specifically how to get the wp_get_bookmarks function to spit out an h3 tag instead of an h2 one? It's driving. me. crazy.

(Edit: Never mind, fixed! PH3AR my mad (read: non-existent) PHP skillz.)

(Edit again: Well, my oh-so-clever fix doesn't validate. Aaaarggghhh!)

In other news, I've got a tiny shard of glass in my foot, that not even the doctor could remove, so I'm kind of.. jumping around on one leg. And there's nothing anyone can do about it, apparently.
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I ...

- forgot my lunch box at home.
- forgot my WALLET at home.
- thus resulting in NO LUNCH FOR ME.
- dropped my keys in a fountain while cleaning it.
- dropped my MOBILE PHONE in fountain. :O
- had to sit on my ass and be incredibly bored while previously mentioned fountain was refilled with fresh water, which only took about, oh, an eternity and a half. SRSLY. ARGH.
- was mocked by rude kids for sitting on my ass and doing nothing (how could they NOT SEE I WAS GUARDING THE HOSE, WTF?! Incredibly Important Job being done, here.)

Woe is me.
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... where you occasionally have to answer your mobile phone in the following manner:

"Moa. Hi! Yeah, no, I can't talk right now... I'm working... tying fetuses to a table. Yes, fetuses. To a table. Yeah. Ok, call you later!"

Plastic fetuses. Just so there aren't any unfortunate misunderstandings here.
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